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User Experience Infiltration Tactics
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Publication Date: Feb 2009 
Author: John S. Rhodes
Page Count: 246
Language: English


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Here is Why All Serious Usability Professionals Are Reading This Book Right Now

You no longer need to justify usability. Buy this book and learn how these underground tools allow you to easily "sneak" usability into any organization.

These methods are proven to work.

It's time for you to discover how to make any person in any company love usability in very little time: You can take action immediately. No special skills or marketing magic is required. In fact, you already have the skills you need.

The Benefits
* Discover how to help your organization increase profits with UX.

* Learn how to avoid the mistakes that kill your usability career.

* Transform skeptics and enemies of usability into champions.

* Advance your career and boost influence with simple marketing.

What's the bottom line?

Selling Usability: User Experience Infiltration Tactics
is for usability professionals who are struggling to justify and sell their work to others.

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If you're doing UX work in a large organization, you should buy this book. And if you’re a UX consultant, you should too. It's that simple. The book is worth it’s weight in gold: it gives you (as a UX person) insight in how to really get things done in large companies.
~ Peter Van Dijck 

“What do Niccola Machiavelli and Mother Teresa have in common? They'd both be proud of John Rhodes for writing this book. Selling Usability is a delightfully sneaky guide to making the world a better place. It's a “must read” for all user experience strategy and design folks within large organizations. And, it’s a lot of fun too!”
~ Peter Morville

Selling Usability is for anyone doing usability/UX in the corporate world; anyone who has to deal with the reality of corporate politics, heirarchies, and budgets. Instead of trying to take on the world and make a frontal assault, John shows you how to work within your organization's structure and culture to sell usability from the inside. He explains in clear terms how to talk to managers, salespeople, designers, and consultants in their own language and ultimately get them to sell usability within your organization for you."
~ Dr. Peter Meyers 

"Selling Usability will provide you with all the answers you need. The book is highly practical and will offer many tips which you can put into practice immediatly. The chapters are witty, comprehensive and concise."
Stefan Wobben

“Selling Usability: User Experience Infiltration Tactics is a guide to convincing decision-makers towards user-experience focused decisions by using business-focused arguments and tactics. John’s writing is frank and clear. He writes in a casually persuasive voice which quickly drives through the description of a problem into the analysis of why this is a problem — and how you might start to solve it.”
~ Joe Dolson

How to Purchase

Paperback Edition of Selling Usability ($24.95)
Available on Amazon

Instant Download of Selling Usability (14.95)
Available as PDF


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